Brain Dump

Ever since I was pregnant with LittleM, I feel like I have forgotten more things that I used to.  Many of my friends term this “Baby Brain”.  I thought that my brain was supposed to come back after having the baby though.  I guess not.

Last post I forgot to tell you about something I forgot on our way to the Philly Zoo!  How ironic.  Well, we were all dressed and ready to go.  The house was locked, we had everything we needed, LittleM was secured in her car seat, my husband backed out of the driveway and we hear something start to rattle above us.  Then a large wave of brown liquid started to flow off the roof of the car, down the windshield and passenger window, onto the hood and door.  Yes, for the first time ever I forgot my coffee on the roof of the car.  Not a great way to start a long day.  I now owe a car wash to my husband.  And I had to buy a new coffee mug.  Asphalt and plastic do not mix.

The “Brain Dump” title is also meant to cover some of the fun things that LittleM and I have done the past few days.  Monday night was “Dance Party” in the kitchen while LittleM and I were cooking.  That kid LOVES to dance.  I had a good time too and got a mini workout in the process trying to keep up with her.  You should try it sometime.  Put on some upbeat music and make yourself look like a dancing fool.  The smiles and laughter you will get from your child will keep you smiling for days.

Tuesday night was not as much fun for me.  My parents are cleaning through their basement and came upon a wonderful contraption called a Creepy Crawlers Oven that they thought LittleM would love to play with.  It’s basically an Easy Bake Oven but instead of making food, you create bugs, insects, and some other odd animals from a liquid that comes with the oven.  Now, this Creepy Crawlers Oven is from my childhood…in the early 1990s.  Guess how well the bugs/insects/odd animals came out with the liquid stuff from my childhood.  LittleM took it well though.  We were able to get a scorpion and Woolly Mammoth from all that we tried and she still had a great time filling the molds with the liquid stuff.

I’m working on a St. Patricks Day Craft for next week and I found a really cute Easter napkin holder craft to make with a toilet paper tube, so start saving those tubes now.

Let the adventures continue!

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