Time Together

The weekend has gone by too quickly yet again.  The weather turned out to be pretty nice and we were able to spend time with my family (Parents and my brother and his family).  But I had to end the weekend as usual, explaining to LittleM that she needs to go to daycare tomorrow so that Mommy and Daddy can go to work.  It’s a conversation that we have to have all the time and it’s never a good one.  She has always had to go to daycare, so I’m not quite sure why we have to constantly explain this.  Hopefully summer will be here before we know it so that I can stop having the conversation for a few weeks.

Saturday’s adventure took us to Longwood Gardens, which was as great as ever.  My parents joined us and it’s thanks to them that we have the year membership to enjoy it.  LittleM enjoyed the music for a bit, had a great time making a rattle, and potted a Boston Fern (that I now have to try to keep alive- I don’t really have a green thumb). The rattle was very simple to make at home.  Get a smaller plastic bottle that you plan to recycle (personal water bottle, individual juice bottle, etc).  Put a few handfuls of birdseed inside.  Longwood had us add a few beads, a pipe cleaner, and a pompom.  Screw the cap back on and tape with electrical tape (or whatever you have at home) so the cap doesn’t come off.  Voila- handmade rattle.  LittleM had a good time shaking along with the music, but wasn’t too into letting Mommy and Daddy share her rattle.

We had planned to visit the museum on Dover’s Air Base today but after having brunch at my brothers house with his wife, daughter, and my parents, we decided to spend some time relaxing together and run some errands.  My niece (who is in elementary school) and LittleM had a fabulous time while we were eating trying on every single dress-up outfit that my niece owns.  It was pretty cute, and the focus that LittleM had on the princess dresses is making it pretty clear that we will be planning a Princess-themed birthday party this summer!

My husband and LittleM had a nice Daddy-Daughter Dinner Date tonight at Ruby Tuesday’s.  Mommy got a nice hour to herself, which I spent doing laundry and working out with my new Wii Active 2 (I’m currently in pain)!  Were you expecting me to say I was eating bonbons?  While I love my husband and daughter more than I could have ever possibly imagined, I will admit that it is very nice to occasionally have a few moments that I do not have to be “Mommy”.

Some upcoming adventures that I have found include the Newark Cinema Center 3. They have Tuesday buy one get one free movie tickets ($6 Matinee prices, $8 regular price) and are currently playing “The Lorax” (for you and the little ones), or “The Artist” and “Act of Valor” if you’re looking for a night out without the little ones.

There are great storytimes at the Christiana Mall Barnes & Noble during the day on Tuesday and Thursday this week at 11 am, and an American Girl Party at 7pm this Friday.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of adventures with your family. I know I did.

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