Ok Universe, I’m listening

I am not a very spiritual person, but I do believe that there are bigger forces than me working out there.  Everyday there is always a little undertone of stress with everything that I do whether it’s right or not, especially when it comes to being a mom and raising LittleM.  Today the Universe decided to give me gentle reminder in that area.

Before picking LittleM up from daycare I ran to the Newark Library to drop our books off and pick up some new ones. We have a strict schedule with LittleM’s bedtime where we start everything around the same time and read 3 stories before it’s time for bed.  I have to wake her up so early (by 6am at the latest) that we need to make sure she gets her princess sleep.  Anyway, I had loaded up my library bag with lots of books for LittleM and was picking up a few for myself when something fell out of the book I wanted for myself onto the floor.  It was a clear bookmark with red reflective writing and flowers around the outside.  The writing on the bookmark reads:

“A mom

is always there

with a kind word

and a hug.

She’s there for you

with a smile to share

or a shoulder

to cry on.

In good times

and in bad times.

a mom

is always there.”

Ok Universe, I get it.  I’m listening.  Stop stressing about all the little stuff and focus on being there for LittleM when she needs it.  Don’t worry so much about getting dinner on the table right away, enjoy dancing in the kitchen when LittleM asks for a Dance Party.  Don’t worry about leaving LittleM’s room at night right after 3 books, stay to snuggle for 2 or 3 more songs before we close the door so she can fall asleep on her own.  Pretty soon she’s not going to want to snuggle anymore and we’re going to be begging her to snuggle for one more song.  I’m listening Universe, I got it.

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4 thoughts on “Ok Universe, I’m listening

  1. Awesome post. So true. I think these thoughts almost every day. I’m an ‘older’ mom (38) of an almost 2 year old. While we, too stick to schedules and routines (we get L up at 6am as well) I’ve learned that everything with a kid is oh so very temporary. I sometimes sit and silently cry while rocking him knowing that one day he will be in his room with the door shut thinking I’m an idiot. Those days will be here sooner than I’d like. I like how you think and I like how you write. I’ll be back!

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    • Wow, thank you so much for the support. Hopefully I’ll continue to listen to what the Universe is trying to tell me!

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