Warning- Toy stores bring out the monsters

Last night we took LittleM to see The Lorax and had a great time together. It was so nice to spend the evening with the family and the movie was well done.  We arrived at the theater with less than 10 minutes before the movie and you would have thought we were torturing LittleM the way she was carrying on,  Every 30 seconds she would whine quite loudly, “When is the movie going to start?  I want the MOVIE!”.  Great, kid, thanks for making a scene.  But she was able to survive the few minutes, enjoy the movie rotating between Mommy and Daddy’s lap, and eat her weight in popcorn.  At the end of the movie we were discussing our favorite parts and LittleM’s response was, “I like the orange guy the best!”.  The husband and I had a quite a laugh from that (since the whole movie was spent on “the orange guy”) and LittleM kept having us ask her what part she liked the best so she could keep making us laugh. LittleM is growing so fast, I don’t know when it was that she realized what was funny and pinpointing things that she was doing that was making us laugh, but when she does realize it now she repeats it endlessly and if we don’t laugh she then yells at us that we’re not laughing!

LittleM is also getting to the point that I want to get her a “big-girl” bike with training wheels.  Today, she and I went on an adventure to Toys’-R-Us and what an adventure it was.  Before going into the store, I explained to her that we were going in just to look at a bike.  We ended up looking at ONE bike for approximately 5 seconds.  The rest of the time was me trying to corral her and explain that we were not buying one of everything in the Princess aisle. LittleM said she really, really wanted and Ariel dress, and if we saw a Tianna dress, we could get that one too.  I was able to talk her down from all that but she was able to con me into spending $9.99 on an Ariel princess gloves/purse/necklace/ring set.  Once she turns those big eyes on me, I have a hard time saying no.  But, we do try hard to teach her that she can’t always have everything that she wants right when she wants it and that there are a lot of people that have a lot less than we do.  The Lorax was a good opportunity to talk with her a little more about what our responsibilities are as people, the best that we can anyway to a 3 year old.  We talked about why we recycle, why we have reusable containers for lunches and water, and why we need to protect the earth.  It was a short conversation as we drove home but, it’s a start, and laying a foundation for the great person we know she will become.


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