Camping at Assateague

Well, we made it.  LittleM’s first camping adventure ended with her asking “When can we camp again?” so we must have done something right.

This weekend our adventure took us a little over 2 hours away to Assateague Island National Park in Maryland.  We had been worried all week because the weather kept changing from Thunderstorms, to rain, to partly cloudy, and back again.  We made the decision to go, and while there was no rain, the weathermen really let us down with the temperature.  It was far colder than predicted, and while we were prepared with most things, it really put a damper on things.  Overall it was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone, and my husband has already asked to go back this summer.

We chose the Bay side to camp on (which I would recommend) because it had more cover than the ocean side.  This was our first campsite….Yes, first.  It was beautiful but became a wind tunnel later in the day, making us freeze even more.  We moved on site over and it was much nicer.

Almost immediately we were greeted by ponies.  It was amazing. And then scary. See how the pony get closer in each photograph?  Yeah, I have no more pictures after this because we were sitting at the picnic table eating lunch and I had to move to the other side.  Then I had to take all the food and put it in the car to make the pony lose interest because he was reaching over the table to try to get our lunch out of our hands and off our plates.  Maybe he hadn’t had his yearly requirement of PB&Js and Dorito chips?

It really was amazing to be so close to this wild ponies and be on their turf though.  Within arms reach was a little close for me though.  The Park has signs and pictures warning you to stay 10 feet away from the ponies, not to make any fast movements around them, and what can happen to humans when they scare or get too close the ponies.  It was quite an experience though and a good story for us to tell!

Assateague has a few short trails to walk to enjoy the many different sides of the park.  Here’s LittleM being the “Line Leader” on our hike.  Always has to be in front.  Wonder where that came from?  Also a beautiful view from the trail walk.


The rest of the night was spent making dinner, enjoying s’mores (Yay S’Mores!), and trying to fit the 3 of us on the air mattress in the tent together.  It was fantastic.

We decided to skip making breakfast at the campsite because it was pretty chilly out, damp, and foggy.  We got everything packed up and hit the road by 8:30.  McDonald’s was lovely.  LittleM made the people next to us laugh by yelling loudly that she had to poop after she was finished her hotcakes. Then we decided to stop in Dover on our way home to go to the Dover Air Mobility Command Museum.  It was nice to finally stop there to let LittleM check it out, a little disappointing though because they didn’t have all the airplanes open outside to go inside.  LittleM got to pretend to fly and walk into 2 cargo planes to see how large these things are that move our troops and supplies around.  I got my history geek fix too.

When we finally got home after picking up our dog from my brother’s house, we unpacked the car.  We made lunch, I did the dishes and then promptly fell asleep on the couch.  It was a great weekend.  I hope you had an adventure this weekend too!

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