I Got Played

It’s amazing to me what kids can do to manipulate us.  Especially that they learn so early the many tools that they have.

For quite a while now LittleM has been telling me every morning that her tummy hurts.  She normally tells me just once, then never mentions it again.  I figured that she was either trying to be like Mommy (I had an acid reflux problem affecting my voice that I had to explain to her as my stomach was hurting so I had to take medicine), trying to get some more snuggles, or just trying to stay in bed longer in the morning.  I didn’t really worry about it because she only says something once and never anything at home or daycare the rest of the day.

Starting on Monday she was mentioning it again and I didn’t really think about it too much because it was the norm.  But, she didn’t eat a lot of dinner.  Then when I picked her up from daycare on Tuesday, her teacher said she hadn’t really eaten too much that day and had spent most of the day complaining that her stomach hurt.  And there was a stomach bug floating around.  Awesome.

Once LittleM heard her teacher tell me about her stomach complaints, the sweaty from playing, smiling child running toward me changed into an Eeyore looking, downtrodden face, still complaining that her stomach hurt.  She continued to complain all the way home and for the rest of the night.  So, being that my husband works 2 hours away, I decided to stay at home with LittleM Wednesday, just in case something was going on.  When I told LittleM that I had to call her school and mine to let them know we were staying home tomorrow, a big grin lit up that little face, along with some clapping.  Boy did I get played.  How do they know what buttons to push and become master manipulaters at 3?!

At 6:30 AM Wednesday morning, I was awoken by LittleM, brighteyed and bushy tailed, vaulting onto my bed asking me, “What are we going to do today, Mommy?”.  Ugh!  Me: “We still need to sleep sweetie. That will help your tummy feel better.”  Her: “My tummy feels better now, Mommy.”  Of course it does.

So my day was spent trying corral a healthy, happy child, while explaining to her that we are not going to run and jump and romp and play because we stayed home for her sick tummy.  That was not well received.  After several wardrobe changes, LittleM satified herself with a sleeveless, poofy Flowergirl dress she wore in August for a wedding and her pink snow boots with faux fur on top.  Obviously choosing what any other fashion forward young lady would wear.

*Warning – If you are not a parent, or do not want to hear something that most parents do not mind talking about (as LittleM calls them- potty words), please stop reading here and save yourself.*

What I did recognize through the day, and would like to see if it’s something we can work on, is LittleM has a gas problem.  She is what one would technically call a Rooty-Tooter, suffering from an acute case of Rootus-Tootitus.  I’m thinking that this may be the problem that she is having making her stomach hurt in the morning because it’s not a pooping problem.  Trust me….there is no constipation problem here.  I did some research and think that we definitely need to add more water to her diet.  Chocolate milk and Apple juice are our go-to beverages right now.  Hopefully more water will help move things along.

We have gotten much better with our food choices at the house.  My husband and I have made a decision to get healthier and so we have changed our eating habits (more like what we have always tried to feed LittleM).  Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat/whole grain everything, etc.  And exercising.  Whenever I tell LittleM I’m heading down to the basement to exercise or she hears the words exercise or workout, no matter where she is or what she is doing she will yell, “I Work Out!”, from the LMFAO song.  It’s hysterical.  Makes me laugh every time. 

If you made it this far, sorry, but I had to go there!  I don’t know if anyone else has had to deal with something like this, but we’ll see how it goes!

By the way- the Grass for LittleM’s Easter Basket is on it’s way!  I didn’t kill it!  Yes!!!!!!

Happy Adventuring.

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