The Grass is Growing!

LittleM and I have done, what I felt, was the impossible in our house.  We were able to grow plants without killing them!

It’s so pretty!  We’ve enjoyed everyday checking on the grass in the morning and night while watering it, or just checking to see if it grew or if it needs water.

For how long it actually is, I took this picture in LittleM’s Elmo Easter Basket.

It still has a week and a half to grow, but it is nice and full so that if it doesn’t grow any higher, it will still work out great this Easter.  I can’t wait to continue this tradition for many Easters to come. 

Here is my original post about LittleM and I creating the grass dish on March 12 and the link to How Does She? where I got the original idea.

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One thought on “The Grass is Growing!

  1. Clever and sweet! I never thought about that! I have a very pale…pale…green thumb. Have a great day and enjoy your Easter Tradition!
    Peach State

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