Easter Crafts and Kites

We had a great Easter.  I hope the Easter Bunny was as good to everyone else.  We started the long weekend by going down to Cape Henelopen at the Delaware Beaches for the Kite Festival.  It was awesome.  We had a perfect windy day to fly kites and even got to see our Senior US Senator Tom Carper there.  I was totally geeking out!

That is our ladybug kite that photo bombed my picture of the festival as a whole!  By the way,  we chose the ladybug kite because the ladybug is the State bug of Delaware.  Yeah, I know that.

Senator Tom Carper is in the middle of the three gentlemen.  He helped give the prizes to the kids in the different competitions.

We also completed the toilet paper roll bunny for an Easter decoration and it was a perfect activity for LittleM’s age.  I put the glue on the toilet paper roll and she was able to put the cotton balls on the tube by herself. It turned out so well.

We also finished the craft gift for the grandparents.  LittleM painted yogurt containers, I Mod Podged them, then we picked up some flowers at Lowes and planted them.  It was really cute.  Hopefully the grandparents liked them.

Here’s my doggie hanging out with us as we planted the flowers in the yogurt cups outside.  He’s so cute!

Hope you all made some good memories too.

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