Summer Feeling

This week was my school’s Spring Break and I definitely have had that summer yearning start. Being a teacher has a major perk of still getting the summers off. It’s even better as a mom because I get 2 months to pretend being a stay at home mommy to LittleM.

This week we got our pool renewal information in the mail and I can’t WAIT for that to open back up! A great friend of mine has a phrase I like to use. The pool allows me to feel like “a lady of leisure” during the summer. LittleM is turning into a fish too so it’s fantastic. I love that she is learning the joy of swimming because I have wonderful memories of summers at the pool and ocean that I want her to have too.

Today was also the opening day of the Wilmington Blue Rocks, our minor league baseball team. Now, I am definitely not a great baseball fan but baseball is the national pastime and is synonymous with summer. And my husband used to work for the team so I have sat through my fair share of games. I really didn’t mind too much though because they do a great job making it a family experience at a reasonable price. They also have amazing fireworks shows on Friday games so I would really recommend checking them out.

I also saw that Carousel Park is now offering pony rides on the weekends so that may be something to check out as the weather gets better. I’m going to find more information later because this weekend we’re off to the Garden State. All 4 of us (me, kid, husband, & dog) are taking the 2 hour ride there to visit a friend for the weekend. Good times should be had but as you parents know, traveling anywhere with a child requires you to pack about half of your house to make sure you have everything to keep them entertained and taken care of.

I hope you have a great weekend as I try to squeeze the last bit of fun out of my Spring Break!

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