I Dream of Quiche!

I really enjoy reading The Pioneer Woman blog.  Ree Drummond is not like anyone that I know and her life is not like anything I have ever experienced.  She is a mother, a home schooler, a rancher, a blogger, a photographer, a Food Network TV personality, and funny.  I enjoy the way she writes and her recipes are very comfort foody and delicious.  Not something you can eat everyday since I’m not working all day on the ranch, but a nice treat to indulge.

I had to share one particular Quiche recipe with you from her site that I am currently dreaming about.  I have already made it and it is worth the time (which isn’t that much) and effort (again, not too much) to make it.  It is so wonderfully delicious that I really need to make it this weekend, otherwise I might cry. It is so good that even LittleM, whose favorite word is No right now and sustains off of Mac and Cheese and Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, will eat this!




This picture is Property of The Pioneer Woman Blog, Ree Drummond.


Now, don’t let the amount of ingredients scare you (You need 7 eggs, 1 1/2 cup heavy cream, 10 oz mushrooms, 3/4 pounds bacon, just to name a few). This recipe makes a lot of Quiche!  Ree made it in one deep dish tart pan.  I did not have that type of pan at so I made 2 regular pie pan Quiches.  And this freezes wonderfully so not only did I have enough for brunch with my parents, but THREE more breakfast/brunch meals for my husband, LittleM and I AND my parents took some home for the next day too!  I’d say I got my money’s worth from the ingredients.

I implore you, go to Ree’s site for the recipe and make this Quiche for the weekend or the next time that you have people coming over for brunch.  You will not be disappointed and will get many compliments on how delicious it is.  I really need to go to the store now! LittleM is my expert egg cracker already so she’ll be busy this weekend!

You can click here, on the picture of the Quiche, or on the word recipe above to go to Ree’s site for the recipe. Enjoy!

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