When To Take A Stand

Spring time is Stress time. At school I’m worried about getting through the information that I need to before the end of the year.  At home I’m trying to get Spring Cleaning going in the house.  I just finished Spring Break from school but that week wasn’t very relaxing because of a fight my husband and I had that tainted the whole week.  It happens.  We’ve been married for 10 years this July, we don’t really fight, we always try to talk everything out so we don’t get to the fight stage but it’s totally human for these things to happen.  I also have some family medical issues that are going on adding to the stress.  It’s life, a constant juggling act.

LittleM is adding to it by fighting EVERYTHING that we ask her.  “No” is the predominant word in her vocabulary right now. It’s getting more difficult to decide whether we should just let her have her way or take a stand.  Today is a perfect example.  LittleM has an issue with buttons on her pants, and they’re the snaps not actual buttons yet.  I have no idea why.  She just freaks out when we try to get her to wear them.  I’ve asked her if they hurt her stomach (“No”), if she’s worried about getting the pants off to go potty (“No”), if she’s worried about snapping them when she’s done with the potty (“NO”).  See the trend?  There is no sane reason she should have a problem with the snaps on her pants.  Today was a little chilly and a lot rainy so we needed her to wear pants today. The morning exploded.  It took 40 minutes to calm her down and finally get her into the pants.  The whole time I was talking with her and explaining why she needed to wear pants I kept asking myself whether it was really worth the fight.  Should I just get some tights out of the dirty laundry so she could wear a dress? Do I really want this to be my Sunday morning?  Does she really need to wear pants during her lifetime or can she survive on dresses and skirts with no buttons for all time?

I chose today to take a stand because we really did not have the tights for her to wear to keep her warm and I didn’t want to be “that parent” that we all judge at the store when we see how inappropriately they have dressed their kid.  Taking a stand is super stressful and while I may not always choose to take a stand over pants, I need to make sure that LittleM understands that she needs to listen to Mommy and Daddy and there are things that sometimes you just have to do.  Today it might be over a pair of pants, but starting early will make it easier down the road when we’re talking about driving a car.

Is there anything that you choose to take a stand on, or anything that you let the kids have their way? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.  Happy parenting adventures!


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