Flower Crafts

“April Showers Bring May Flowers,” is a rhyme from my youth that I cannot ever forget.  This year though, we haven’t gotten much rain in April, more of it coming in May so the flowers may take a little longer to get here.  I think in our house, we’re going to have to add some flowers ourselves.

A fantastic blog that I follow with oodles of craft ideas is No Time for Flash Cards.  Her latest post has 21 ideas for flower crafts, and with many of the craft ideas she adds books for you and your child to read that would go along with the craft.  It’s really fantastic.

I am particularly interested in the  “Pop Out Flowers” that are in the above picture and use toilet paper rolls, which I currently have a ton of in my house.  I think that we’re going to add that craft with the family picture idea to create some Mother’s Day crafts for the Grandmothers and one for LittleM. 

I’ll let you know how it goes but I wanted to share this great resource with you because I find some interesting ideas on it.

Happy Crafting.

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One thought on “Flower Crafts

  1. What a great resource . . . thanks!

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