Crazy kid

Things have been hectic lately. Life is pushing some of my buttons that I’m not really ok with it pushing. Thank goodness for LittleM and the crazy things she says and does to help relieve the stress.

The past 2 nights when checking on LittleM we have found her in her snow pants. I don’t know why. It’s definitely not cold, and she was able to get them on backwards completely zipped up. No idea.

We’re also in the nighttime diaper free portion of childhood. About a month ago LittleM informed us that she was a big girl and would not be wearing diapers to bed anymore. Ok kid. She has done a fantastic job of making it through the night. Monday night however was a pee accident. No big deal. We have a fantastic mattress cover that doesn’t let anything through. The only problem though is Justin Bieber. LittleM is in love with and will eventually marry Justin Bieber. To prove that point she likes to sleep with 1 of the 2 Bieber dolls she owns. Unlucky for him, Justin Bieber got in the way of LittleM’s accident. You have not really lived until you have had to clean your child, the bed, and undress Justin Bieber to wash his tiny clothes in the sink too.

The weather has been ok lately too so it’s been nice doing sidewalk chalk, splashing through puddles, walking the dog, and just spending some time together in the afternoon after I pick her up from daycare.

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday is a big tradition in Delaware. The Wilmington Flower Market is happening. I have never actually been myself (not that I can remember anyway) so I think we may have to take a trip there to check it out.

If you have any tips for the flower market, I would love to hear them! Happy adventures!

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