Summer Jars

I started writing this blog because I was worried about hearing from LittleM, “What are we going to do today Mommy?”.  Now that we are steps away from summer, that is even more on the front of my mind.  I found on the From Weeds to Wishes blog a fantastic idea that I can’t wait to create with LittleM tonight!

Summer Jars

This is a fantastic idea for the kids to have immediate access to a ton of great ideas to combat the “I’m bored, let’s watch tv” phenomenon that will immediately take over the second that summer starts.  One each popsicle stick is an idea of an activity to complete together.  The blogger, Cristi, gives a great list of ideas on her summer list, I have added a few others of my own locally to Delaware because of different memberships that we have to local attractions. 

Our Summer list

5 dollars at dollar store

Blow bubbles

Camp in the backyard

Catch Bugs

Feed the birds

Finger Paint

Fly a kite

Go on a hike

Go to the Zoo

Have a baseball catch

Have a Happy unbirthday

Have a paper airplane contest

Have a photo walk

Have a Picnic inside 

Have a Picnic outside 

Have a Water fight

Have lunch at McDonalds

Learn to draw something new

Make a craft

Make a fort

Make homemade bread

Make Homemade Lemonade

Paint a picture

Plant something

Play Hopscotch

Play in the Sprinkler

Play with a Frisbee

Play with Ice

Roast marshmallows

Roll down a grassy hill

Scavenger Hunt

Sew something

Sidewalk chalk

Snuggle up for Storytime

Soccer Game

Stare at the clouds

Take the dog to the dogpark

Throw a football around

Try a new park

Visit Longwood Gardens

Visit the Farmers Market

Visit Winterthur

Walk the dog

Watch a movie with popcorn

Water balloon fight

Since I just found this idea, I’m not totally sure how we will set our jars up.  I’m not even sure if we will use jars.  Please go to the From Weeds to Wishes blog for complete instructions and I will post what we did as soon as we have completed our project.

The “Play With Ice” idea comes from a new blog that I follow called The Imagination Treewritten by a woman named Anna.  This will take some planning because Anna had the kids go around the house and outside to find things to freeze into ice blocks.  After the containers froze, she used that opportunity to talk with the kids about how materials change (water to ice and back again) and worked with motor skills because she had them try to get the objects out of the ice with hands, forks, and any other tool they thought to try.

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing for summertime ideas.  I can’t wait to get started myself!

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4 thoughts on “Summer Jars

  1. So clever! You’ll have fun!

    • Thanks so much! I’m excited to make them this week with LittleM! I would love for you to come back to see how we did!

  2. What a great idea, and list! Wishing you a fun filled summer!

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