New Castle County Happenings Guide

Parents and Delawareans, if you haven’t ever taken a minute to look at the New Castle County Happenings Guide then you are doing yourself a great disservice.  This guide is put out by our County Executive every quarter to tell you about activities occurring through that season that you could be taking advantage of.  There are lots of free and payment required activities through Community Centers and the Libraries to keep you and the little ones busy until the next Happenings Guide comes out.

Just quickly looking at it, I found a dance class that I may sign LittleM up for in July.  They meet for 8 one-hour sessions and costs only $48 dollars.  I don’t think you can do better than $6 a class for beginning dance.

It also lists all the great programs that the Libraries run and during the summer our libraries offer some pretty great programs in New Castle County.  Story times with singing, story times with crafts, water fun days, bubble making days, creating your own sidewalk chalk, and puppet shows are just a few items to whet your appetite.  I am a huge proponent of the library, and we spend at least one day a week there, not just during the summer either.

There are also Adult only programs at the libraries.  Classes to learn about technology, knitting clubs, movie nights, and book clubs.  Lots of opportunities to get out of the house, meet people and get involved.

Some of the programs require registration so make sure to call to reserve yourself a spot for the event.

So I say again, being the very pushy person that I am, take a minute to look at the New Castle County Happenings Guide.  You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Adventuring.

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