What Will This Night Bring?

LittleM has a weird habit (at least it seems weird to me). Every night we have our routine of stories, snuggling, then we say goodnight.  We make sure she is all tucked in and leave before she is asleep so that she will fall asleep on her own.  Sometimes we hear books falling off her bed because she is “reading” on her own, or quietly playing after we have left.  We have no problem with that.

What has become weird is that we never know what our child will be wearing when we check on her at night.  We leave her in pjs and go to her room to check on her before going to sleep ourselves asking eachother, “What has she gotten into tonight?”.

For a while we were finding her in snowpants.  Then she moved to bathing suits.  She has recently gotten a new and a few hand-me-down princess dresses so we have been finding her in those.  Every night.  And you all know how much fun it is to change the clothes of a sleeping child.

The other night we walked into her like this and had to close the door so we wouldn’t wake her up with our laughing.


She is on her bed, in our laundry basket, and covered in her comforter.  I don’t get it.

So, is this very unusual?  Do any of your children do the same thing at night once you have said good night?  If so, I would love to hear that we are not the only ones!

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