Squeezie Sidewalk Chalk

LittleM and I tried an experiment yesterday.  I saw a great idea on No Time For Flashcards blog for Squeezie Sidewalk Chalk and thought it was a great idea.  The directions are very simple but I couldn’t seem to get the right consistency for it to meet my taste.  It didn’t matter though because LittleM still had a fantastic time, and that is all that matters.  Here are some pictures of our playtime.

The ingredients that you need include- a box of cornstarch, food coloring, a big bowl and spoon for mixing, squeeze bottles.  I bought the bottles at the dollar store in a 2 pack, as well as the food coloring.  I didn’t have any food coloring left at the house so I got some at the dollar store instead of the grocery store saving me more than $4.  The cost of this craft then was about $4 for 2 sets of squeeze bottles, 1 box of cornstarch, and food coloring.

Pour the cornstarch into the bowl and add water, stirring until it is thin.  Now, here is where I had problems. When I thought it was thin enough, it only came out in dribbles from the squeeze bottles, then I would add more water and it was too thin.  So trial and error at this point.

After it is the consistency that you think is thin enough, pour into the squeeze bottles.  Here is LittleM showing off her picture taking skills.  She’s getting really good with the camera.


Next add a few drops of food coloring to each bottle, put the cap on, cover the squeeze bottle hole and shake to mix the color.  Now you’re ready to play!  Note that this can get messy so make sure you child is not wearing anything that can’t get dirty.

Let the fun begin!

So this picture perfectly shows my consistency problem.  The hearts that I tried to draw show how the cornstarch mixture was coming out in dribbles.  I tried cutting the squeeze tops to make the holes a little larger but that didn’t work.  I ran inside to add a little more water and then it became too watery and started running down the driveway.  LittleM was much happier with it being runny though because it came out of the bottles easier.  Trial and error people, trial and error.

LittleM then started mixing the colors.

And now two at a time!

Our Pup decided he would come to oversee the crafting and get a suntan at the same time.

The end result.  Once LittleM ran out of liquid in the squeeze bottle she starting putting her hands in the wet mixture to swirl it around.  It did dry fairly quickly though and easily washes off the driveway with the hose.

Now for the messy results. Remember how I said don’t let the kids wear anything that can’t get dirty.

LittleM’s toes got decorated while she was playing.

As for her hands…

Her hands stayed a little blue for a while after we washed up afterward.  It took going to the pool that afternoon until all the dye came out of her hands.

All in all, it was a fun morning and LittleM had a blast.  Hope you have as much fun as we did!

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