2nd Annual Pirate Festival!

This Saturday, from 11AM to 5PM in the Tubman Garrett Riverfront Park, is the 2nd Annual Wilmington Pirate Festival.  We had a fantastic time last year and I would highly recommend going.

There are some fantastic pirates walking the park, TONS of exhibitors to check out. Here are just a few of the planned activities:

  • Face Painting
  • Boat Building
  • Sword Decoration
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Roaming Pirates
  • Music! Song! Dance!
  • Parade of Pirates and Best Pirate Costume Contest!
  • Tour of the Kalmar Nyckel

The only issue that you need to be aware of is that the Festival is quite pricey.  All of the activities have their own separate costs, and they can be expensive. If you can be strong and not give in to the puppy dog eyes that your child/children will most definitely give you, you can still have a good time and not spend too much money.

Even though the Festival says that it is over at 5pm, they start packing up early so here is my recommendation. If you can, go to the festival after you eat lunch (around 12:30-1pm). That way you can get around buying all the food to cut down on some of the cost. Bring LOTS of water since it will be warm out.  Be ready to deal with crowds and lines. The savings on lunch cost will allow you to indulge the puppy dog eyes for some of the activities.  And have fun!  The weather is supposed to be beautiful and it really is an interesting time.  Happy Adventuring!

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2 thoughts on “2nd Annual Pirate Festival!

  1. My grandson is all about pirates I wish we could have been there my cousins boat is moored there!

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