Don’t Let The Knowledge Ooze Out!

I know as a teacher and as a mother to a now 4 year old that it is really hard for parents to keep the knowledge and skills that kids learned over the year in their brains once summer hits.  All I want to do with LittleM is enjoy our time together and catch up from all the time that we miss during the school year when I’m working.  Granted, I take her to endless museums and try to make crafts and activities that are educational, but now that she is starting to write I realize that I have been woefully remiss in keeping those skills going this summer so far.  I don’t think she’s going to be happy through the years that she has a teacher for a mom!

One of the mantras of teachers is to steal the best from the best, meaning activities and ideas to best teach students.  While we are constantly working to get our students engaged, we can’t make everything ourselves all the time, ie the old cliche of not reinventing the wheel.  Once I recognized that LittleM was not working on those writing skills (because we hadn’t done that yet, this is new for us!), I started searching the internet for great things to use.

HELLO School Sparks!  If you have not found their website yet and you have a 2 year old to 1st grader, PLEASE go there now!  They have HUNDREDS of free worksheets to use with your child for writing and math skills.  The major categories are: Alphabet Parade, Math/Number Awareness, Reading Skills, Auditory Processing, Visual Discrimination, Fine Motor, Holiday Themes, and Kindergarten Themes.  It is amazing.  The only issue that I have is that you have to print each page individually, but that also means you can just print a few at a time when you need them.  I went a little overboard and created 2 binders with everything that I wanted, A-Z tabbed for the Alphabet Parade, with reading skills behind and then a separate Math/Motor Skills Binder.  Yeah, I’m like that.

They also have 461 of their worksheets printed and bound in a book that you can purchase through Amazon (another of my loves!).  Click here to go directly to Amazon to purchase the book for $28.

So, I now have gotten everything together for myself to get LittleM back on track so she doesn’t lose all the knowledge and skills that she learned over the school year.  I hope you find some good things to work on with your kiddos!  School Sparks really rocks.


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