Open the Disney Store

Our local Disney Store has an awesome opening ceremony every morning that they allow kids to get involved with. LittleM was able to be the helper the other day and I would highly recommend anyone with a Disney/Princess obsessed child to head over there.

So here’s the rundown. We got to the mall about 20 minutes before it opened on a Tuesday (knowing it wouldn’t be as crowded and therefore not as much competition as the weekend). Thankfully we were the first ones there and there was a Store employee outside that we could say we were there to help open. The worker started calling LittleM Princess which she totally ate up. She was so excited that she would get nervous everytime someone walked near the store crying, “But I want to open the store!”. I was able to keep her calm until 10 when the store was set to open and the fun began.

Music started to play with an announcer’s voice talking about Disney. An employee walked from the back to the front of the store with an enormous key above her head. One end of the key was Cinderella’s castle while the other end was the Disney D. LittleM got to help the employee put the key in a giant keyhole and turn the key, which then dropped the ropes blocking the front of the store. LittleM was allowed to be the first in the store and got a miniaturized version of the enormous key to bring home for helping.

They do this everyday. Every single day. At least at the Christiana Mall. I would call your local Disney Store to see if they do it. It was so worth going early to see her face and let her have that experience. If you have a little princess or prince, it’s a fun, free experience for them to take part in.

Disney is a marketing machine. I’m just saying. They don’t know how to do anything small.

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