Scissors Are Not TOYS!

We had the dreaded finding yesterday.  The one where you find your child with scissors and hair.  Thankfully LittleM didn’t seem to get too much of her hair off but it still was a shock to find her doing that.

The blame is not all LittleM’s.  It was my fault that the scissors were accessible to her.  They were little folding scissors that I had in the library bag (which I use to cut coupons when we go because our library has a basket that they put the coupons in) and forgot because I normally have them in my wallet.  This is what they look like.

Here’s how it all went down.  I had sent LittleM upstairs to find a small tape measure she had taken from me and things seemed a little quiet up there.  My husband and I had both called her and asked what she was doing, both times she had a valid excuse for still being upstairs even though she “couldn’t” find the tape measure.  We both went upstairs to finish getting ready to leave and I could hear my husband in LittleM’s room and he did not sound happy.  I walked into LittleM’s room and saw my husband with the scissors and a chunk of hair.  Then we saw even more hair under her bed, which it looked like she tried to hide.  Not only had she cut her hair, but she had cut a tag and “hair” off her Perry the Platypus doll.  Once she realized she had been caught, the meltdown ensued.

I have never seen my daughter get so upset.  She was so upset that we were upset at her, I thought she was going to start hyperventilating. Not once had we yelled at her.  But, once we got her calmed down we explained how it is not ok to play with scissors and if she wants to cut something to tell Mommy and Daddy so we can get paper for her to cut.  She also had lied to us when we asked her about cutting her hair until we found it on the floor.  So we had the discussion about how it makes Mommy and Daddy more upset if she lies to us than if she just tells us the truth about what happened.

Here is what I have realized from this fun experience:

1. When my kid is quiet, she is definitely getting in trouble.

2. Don’t underestimate what your kid can do when they really want to.  I had no idea that LittleM was able to open those folding scissors, I can’t even easily open them up every time.

3. My daughter is really sensitive.  Anytime that we try to correct her, she has what I call her “defense mechanism”. She immediately starts sniffling, tells us that she loves us, and wants hugs.  Not that it’s a bad thing to want hugs, but getting to the point of almost hyperventilating yesterday is not the way I want her to go.  And I swear we didn’t yell at her at all!

As many people have told me since yesterday afternoon, cutting your own hair with scissors is almost a rite of passage.  But it has been a good reminder to me that LittleM still is little, and I need to be more aware of what I have lying around that she can get into.  No matter how mature I think she is, even though we are beyond the “baby-proofing stage”, she’ still only 4 years old.

The adventures continue to make our life interesting!

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2 thoughts on “Scissors Are Not TOYS!

  1. Hopefully Little M has gotten it out of her system now. Both of my children have done it and one of my stepkids did it when she was older and new exactly what she was doing too……it also was NOT fixable. Oh and lets not mention how many pieces of clothing got ruined trying to cut the tag out of the collar of a shirt…….you may not have yelled this time but your time WILL come…I promise. I have learned that being a parent is a lifelong test.

  2. Ah, yes. Once they can speak, beware the silence.

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