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Free Apparel Tuesday At Sears Outlet

If you guys have not checked this out yet, tomorrow may be the last Free Apparel Tuesday at your local Sears Outlet. In northern Delaware, it is located off 273 behind the Bob Evans near Burlington Coat Factory. All you need to do is print their coupon that they will post tomorrow on their Facebook page and bring your Kmart/Sears Rewards card. Really easy.

They don’t have a huge inventory, or change it that often but the past few Tuesdays I have been able to get LittleM Lands End long sleeve shirts for the fall and a few shirts for myself, including a Polo shirt for free. Can’t beat free! So if you live near a Sears Outlet, check it out tomorrow with coupon in hand and see if you can’t find something.

Happy hunting!

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The End of Summer

The end has come…to my summer that is.  My school year has begun and LittleM has returned to daycare.  It is such a bipolar time for me because while I will miss all my time and adventures with LittleM, I love being a teacher.  I am very lucky to be teaching at the school that I am currently at and am especially excited this year to be helping with the implementation of Professional Learning Communities (which basically means teachers supporting each other in helping students learn and succeed).

To celebrate the last few weeks of summer we were able to go on an adventure to Colonial Williamsburg for 3 days, the Brandywine Zoo for storytime, the pool, and many trips to the library, just to name a few things.

Our official end of summer will come this weekend.  A truly amazing friend is getting married (at an aquarium) and LittleM is going to be one of the flower girls!  She is so excited!  We got her dress in the mail from the bride, I found the jewelry and headbands for the little girls, and I pick up LittleM’s shoes tomorrow.  I can’t wait to celebrate this wonderful day and wish the couple well on their new adventure together as man and wife.  The only thing that I have to worry about is my husband stealing a penguin from the aquarium since we have the run of the place during the reception.  I think it’s funny that you think I’m kidding.

As I prepare for new school year, I will probably be taking a little bit of a break from posting which I organize my classroom and content that I need to cover.  At most, two or three weeks to get things rolling.  I find that getting back into the swing of things makes me EXHAUSTED.  All the energy I expend during the day with 90 students a day (because of rotating block schedule) and then coming home to my own rambunctious 4 year old, making dinner, taking care of the fluffy dog, grading, planning, etc, takes a lot out of me.

I wish you many Happy Adventures and I will see you soon!

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Happy Birthday Hubby!

August 9 is my husband’s birthday.  He is choosing to ignore how old he is becoming and just focus on the celebration of it!

This July we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary! (How did that happen already?!?) Even though it has been 10 years, he still continues to surprise and remind me on how wonderful a person I married.

For his birthday this year, my husband hosted a fundraiser.  No, it wasn’t for him to buy all the presents that he wanted!  My father was just diagnosed with a pretty debilitating and progressive disease.  Not only has my husband been amazing in supporting my emotional needs, he has also been so willing to help at my parents house in whatever they need. For his birthday this year, he chose to surprise us all and host a Birthday Happy Hour Fundraiser to support the group that is in charge of my Dad’s care!

He was amazing using all of his connections to get everything donated so 100% of the profits could be donated to the group.  He was able to get a space and food, silent auction items, and a singer for entertainment. Through all of his efforts and the support of friends and family we were able to raise a little over $2000!  We are so appreciative of all the support that have gotten and continue to get from friends and family.

So Happy Birthday Hubby!  You are an amazing man, amazing dad, and amazing husband!  I love you.

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$1 Tuesday’s at Delaware Museum of Natural History

Thanks to Artisan’s Bank you can visit the Delaware Museum of Natural History for only $1 a person on Tuesdays the whole month of August.

Note: It is a VERY busy event!  I have been and HIGHLY recommend getting there as soon as it opens to be able to see what you want before it gets too crazy.

Happy adventuring!

From their Website:

Every Tuesday in August, the Delaware Museum of Natural History is partnering with Artisans’ Bank to lower admission prices to just $1 per person during August Dollar Tuesdays. Visitors are invited to explore the wonders of the natural world at the Museum for just $1 on Tuesday, August 7, 14, 21, and 28, courtesy of Artisans’ Bank.

Admission includes entry to the Museum’s special exhibit, Earth from Space, where visitors can marvel at our planet through the “eyes” of a space satellite.  In addition, learn what it takes to put humans into orbit with two space suits on display, on loan from ILC Dover of Frederica, DE, the exclusive manufacturer of space suits for NASA and the International Space Station.  Also on view is the Delaware state moon rock, one of a number of lunar specimens collected on the Apollo 17 space mission.

Elsewhere in the Museum, galleries showcase Delaware’s only dinosaurs on permanent display, a life-sized model of a giant squid, a coral reef walkover, an African watering hole, and exotic mollusk and bird collections. The Larry F. Scott Nature Trail and Butterfly Garden reach their peak this time of year, and visitors can cool off inside to view a space film in the DuPont Auditorium.  So much exploring can build up an appetite, so Johnnie’s Hot Dogs, a Wilmington-area icon, will also be on-hand with their famous dogs on August 7 and 14.  On August 21 and 28, visitors can purchase fresh fruit and produce from the Point Lookout Farm Produce Stand.

Artisans’ Bank is the presenting sponsor of August Dollar Tuesdays.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the popularity of this event, admission will be first-come first-served and may be limited or restricted at peak times. The Nature Nook will be closed all day.  Artisans’ Bank August Dollar Tuesdays schedule subject to change.”
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Delaware History Museum- Free Friday

This Friday is the the First Friday of the Month of August.  Therefore, the Delaware History Museum in Wilmington, DE offers free admission from 11am-4pm. Normally admission is $6 for adults and $4 for youths (age 3-18).

It’s a really interesting Museum with the main exhibit discussing the history of Delaware and then a rotating exhibit in the front, always focusing on Delaware but on different aspects. The last time that I went it was focused on the Railroad in Delaware.

What’s great for smaller kids at the museum that is included in admission price is Grandma’s Attic.  This is a large play area with dress up clothes, kitchen area, store front, school area, and puppet show area.  Great for you to bring friends to.

Since it is located on Market Street, make sure to bring quarters for the parking meters so that you don’t get a parking ticket!

Have fun!

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4 Year Old Appointment

Today was LittleM’s 4 year old doctor check-up and it was a big girl appointment.  It was such a big step!

Not to be gross, but LittleM had to pee in a cup for the first time today.  It was hysterical.  When the nurse told me that she needed it, LittleM said, “I have to pee in a cup?!  Why? That’s so weird,” and laughed all the way to the bathroom.  It took a few minutes for her to finally feel comfortable doing it because she kept saying ,”But I’m supposed to pee in the toilet!  I don’t want to pee in a cup!”.  We eventually got it done, and she said it was funny in the end.

We also had her first eye test.  Both my husband and I wear glasses so it was nice to hear that she did great on the test and didn’t need them yet!

LittleM got through the visit with no fuss, even doing well with her vaccines.  It’s amazing to me everyday watching and listening to her learn.  Any word that she does not know, she immediately asks what it means.  I had to explain what vaccine meant, and then hearing her connect my explanation with other conversations we have had was so impressive.

Overall it was a great visit, and we are really lucky to have found the pediatrician that we did.
  We’re laying a good foundation now with her to get all the information that she can from doctor visits, never be afraid to ask questions, and leave the doctor office feeling that you are valued and have been taken care of.

It was a good day.

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