The End of Summer

The end has come…to my summer that is.  My school year has begun and LittleM has returned to daycare.  It is such a bipolar time for me because while I will miss all my time and adventures with LittleM, I love being a teacher.  I am very lucky to be teaching at the school that I am currently at and am especially excited this year to be helping with the implementation of Professional Learning Communities (which basically means teachers supporting each other in helping students learn and succeed).

To celebrate the last few weeks of summer we were able to go on an adventure to Colonial Williamsburg for 3 days, the Brandywine Zoo for storytime, the pool, and many trips to the library, just to name a few things.

Our official end of summer will come this weekend.  A truly amazing friend is getting married (at an aquarium) and LittleM is going to be one of the flower girls!  She is so excited!  We got her dress in the mail from the bride, I found the jewelry and headbands for the little girls, and I pick up LittleM’s shoes tomorrow.  I can’t wait to celebrate this wonderful day and wish the couple well on their new adventure together as man and wife.  The only thing that I have to worry about is my husband stealing a penguin from the aquarium since we have the run of the place during the reception.  I think it’s funny that you think I’m kidding.

As I prepare for new school year, I will probably be taking a little bit of a break from posting which I organize my classroom and content that I need to cover.  At most, two or three weeks to get things rolling.  I find that getting back into the swing of things makes me EXHAUSTED.  All the energy I expend during the day with 90 students a day (because of rotating block schedule) and then coming home to my own rambunctious 4 year old, making dinner, taking care of the fluffy dog, grading, planning, etc, takes a lot out of me.

I wish you many Happy Adventures and I will see you soon!

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