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Lowe’s Build & Grow

Looking to do something fun and free with your kids this Saturday, September 24th? Hop online now and register for a free Lowe’s Build 7 & Grow class. Seats fill up fast, that’s why I say register now. Most start at 10AM and this weekend the kids are going to build a Fire Boat.


Lowe’s Build & Grow Fire Boat project for Saturday, Sept 24th

Here’s the link to their site so that you can check it out and see if there are any more spots available. Lowe’s Build & Grow Program

Have fun building!

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Easy (er) cleanup

With kids, cleanup is never easy. However, I have found that you can make life a little easier for yourself and your counters with one step. Press’n Seal.

Whenever Tiny Destroyer wants to paint, I always start by pressing down a layer of Press’n Seal. It helps keep the paint from soaking through to the counter and when she’s done, I can just pull it up and throw it away.

There’s always going to be a mess to clean up. (See that pink paintbrush? Yep, that’s getting water color all over my clean counter.) But, it makes it just a little easier to pull up, throw away, and have less mess to wipe clean!

Happy Painting!

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Easter Crafts and Kites

We had a great Easter.  I hope the Easter Bunny was as good to everyone else.  We started the long weekend by going down to Cape Henelopen at the Delaware Beaches for the Kite Festival.  It was awesome.  We had a perfect windy day to fly kites and even got to see our Senior US Senator Tom Carper there.  I was totally geeking out!

That is our ladybug kite that photo bombed my picture of the festival as a whole!  By the way,  we chose the ladybug kite because the ladybug is the State bug of Delaware.  Yeah, I know that.

Senator Tom Carper is in the middle of the three gentlemen.  He helped give the prizes to the kids in the different competitions.

We also completed the toilet paper roll bunny for an Easter decoration and it was a perfect activity for LittleM’s age.  I put the glue on the toilet paper roll and she was able to put the cotton balls on the tube by herself. It turned out so well.

We also finished the craft gift for the grandparents.  LittleM painted yogurt containers, I Mod Podged them, then we picked up some flowers at Lowes and planted them.  It was really cute.  Hopefully the grandparents liked them.

Here’s my doggie hanging out with us as we planted the flowers in the yogurt cups outside.  He’s so cute!

Hope you all made some good memories too.

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Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

Earlier I had told you about trying to find some decorations to make for Easter with toilet paper rolls.  Tomorrow is my first day off for Spring Break so LittleM and I will be working on creating these fun bunnies for Easter Decorations.  All you need supply-wise is cotton balls, toilet paper roll, googly eyes, pink and white paper, and glue.

I think I may also use brown paint to make some brown bunnies too (a la the Velveteen Rabbit that we just saw at the puppet show) just by painting the cotton balls once they are glued on to the roll.

Check out The Craft Nest for specific directions or The Crafty Crow for 10 Easy Easter Crafts to Make where I originally saw this idea.

Happy Crafting.

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Easter Candy!

I love candy.  One of the best things about holiday’s with LittleM being so small is that she can’t eat all her candy.  That just means that Mommy has to help her. With all the candy coming in with Easter, we really don’t want her to eat that much candy, and I really shouldn’t eat all the leftovers so I was perusing the internet for some other ideas and found a really cool idea.  The blog/website Toddler Approved has a “craft” for Edible Spring Flowers.  They give a template to make flowers using M&Ms.   Basically empty circles for the kids to place the M&Ms over. I think this will be a perfect use for a lot of those Jelly Beans that we will be getting for Easter (if I can get LittleM to stop eating them for just a minute!).

How cute are these?!

I think that this would be a great activity for counting, colors, patterns, and fun with LittleM.  I can’t wait to print it out!  Thanks to Toddler Approved.

I hope you all can have some fun with this and think up some other fun ideas to play with your food!

Happy Easter Adventures.

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Weekend Recap

This weekend was so busy that this is the first chance that I have had to sit down and write!  We were moving constantly and worked hard outside to clear our backyard of some tree limbs.  We have had a real problems with poison ivy the past 2 summers so we were trying to get a jump on things before everything grew back.

Saturday Grammy took LittleM and I to see “The Velveteen Rabbit” Puppet Show Musical through the Bootless Stageworks crew and it was a lot of fun.  A little different take on the Velveteen Rabbit with the songs and dancing but a fun time.  LittleM brought her Velveteen Rabbit board book and stuffed animal but once the show was over and we could take pictures with the cast members, LittleM clammed up completely!  Oh well.  At least I still have the playbill!  I am interested to go back because in June they are tackling Star Wars!  Are you kidding me?  With my obsessed husband and equally obsessed child, how can we stay away?

That started at 11am so we were done by noon.  LittleM was able to convince Grammy to join us at the Christiana Mall for lunch at the food court and Target shopping for supplies.  On Friday, LittleM’s daycare was able to solidify the Easter Party for Monday (today) and wanted the kids to wear decorated Easter hats.  The email specifically asked the parents to work with their children to create “elaborate hats”. The challenge was issued.  LittleM and I chose to accept.  We’ll get to that soon.

Once we got home from that, the three of us went outside to start cutting down branches and clearing things out.  That lasted about 2 hours outside with LittleM sticking with us the whole time. After about 15 minutes though she turned into a runner for anything that we needed and entertained herself with digging in the dirt.  It was great.

Sunday morning it was my turn to wake up with LittleM , since she refuses to sleep longer than 6:45 am on the weekends we take turns to get a chance to sleep in.  We worked on creating her hat for daycare and this is what we came up with.

We took a regular plastic Easter bucket and cut out the bottom.  I had 2 dowels that I inserted about halfway up (that’s what the eggs on the outside are hiding) then hotglued the bottom back on.  We hotglued Easter grass into it, plastic eggs, some foam stickers, ribbon to hold it on her head and we were good to go.  LittleM had a great time decorating it and she looked so cute during the Easter parade!

When we finally woke Daddy up from him sleeping in, we started loading all of the branches into the back of my husband’s car to take to the yard waste recycling center on our way to my parents house for lunch with my brother and his family.  It was a beautiful day and after Gourmet Sloppy Joes (yes, there really is such a thing), we spent at least an hour running outside kicking the soccer ball and just playing.  It was a wonderful day.  Needless to say, when we got home we were all exhausted and my workout did not get done that night.

This week we are getting ready for Easter and will be working on the Grandparents Easter surprises, along with some other crafts.

I hope you were able to enjoy the weekend as much as we were!

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Cracking the Whip

I am sad to report that the grass has not started to grow yet.  I’m a little worried.  I may need to buy a little piece of sod and cut it to the size of the plastic container so LittleM can wake up one morning to miracle grass.  Surprise!  We have been able to grow something though in another pot.  There are about 6 daisy sprouts that we planted last week peaking out in another pot.  I may have to figure out how to transfer them though because they may end up killing each other in the one small pot. Or they may just realize that I’m the one trying to take care of them and give up on their own.  Black thumb reestablished.

The husband and I have decided to start LittleM on a chore chart.  If you Google “Chore Chart for Kids,” you come up with 322,000 results in 0.25 seconds.  In all that, I couldn’t find one that exactly fit what I wanted.  Me being my difficult self.  So, I hoped on Word and created a chart for myself for Saturday through Friday including 4 chores.  Since LittleM is almost 4, I have heard that it’s good to give 1 chore per year old.  I think she can handle it.  I have attached my chore chart that I created, including pictures to represent everything since LittleM can’t read yet.  Click for chore chart.  The four chores I have are: feed the dog, take your dishes to the sink, clean up your toys before bed, and put dirty clothes into the laundry basket.

Once I created the document I started thinking how I really didn’t want to constantly print copies of this every week and buy tons of stickers to use on it.  You know what that means!  Craft Project and a trip to Joann Fabrics!

In the end, this is only going to cost me $4.60 because I had everything I need at my house in my craft hoard except for the things to use as the stickers.  Here is everything that I need. ( I will post pictures next time of the completed project because of a snafu that I had with one of the supplies.)

Supplies: The printed chart, laminating sheets, magnet tape, scissors to cut the tape, felt buttons, glue gun with glue sticks.

I laminated the sheet so I can put one on the refrigerator and keep reusing it.  I have a roll of magnet tape but apparently I haven’t used it in so long that the glue backing is no longer sticky.  Whoops.  That’s where the extra time and glue gun comes in. It’s going to take me a while to glue all the magnets onto the felt buttons.  At Joann Fabrics I found adorable Favorite Findings Pretty Posies buttons for $2.29 per pack, and I had to buy 2 packs.

How cute and girlie are these?!  LittleM is going to love them!

So the idea is, whenever LittleM completes her chores, she’ll put one of the flowers on the chart to show that she is working with us and doing her part.

The biggest issue that the husband and I have right now is what do you give as an incentive for her to comply with these things that we are asking her to do? Do we start an allowance with her already (say 5 or 10 cents for every flower/sticker she gets) or do we say she gets a treat with the family over the weekend is she gets all 28 stars (7 days in the week x 4 chores a day)?  If anyone has any input or experience, we would love to hear it!

We’re also planning to take LittleM on her first camping trip this weekend.  This is going to be quite an adventure and I can’t wait to tell you about it next week!  Tomorrow I’ll post some of the great events happening in Delaware this weekend, but we’re hitting the road!  Hope your adventure is fantastic!




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Crafty Sunday

We had a fantastic weekend.  I hope you all did too. We’re planning on taking LittleM on her first camping adventure next weekend so most of our time was going through everything that we have and figuring out what still needs to be purchased. Sunday afternoon was spent crafting together with ideas found on other blogs.  I will give our pictures and then the link to where I found the ideas which have much more professional pictures that mine!

Planning ahead for Easter, I found a fantastic idea to grow actual grass in a container to put in the Easter Basket instead of using the plastic grass.  I love it!  It also gives us an opportunity to watch nature at work in the comfort of our own home!  So, I’m going to be strong, fight the black thumb that I have, and grow some grass with LittleM!

Here’s everything that you need.  Your Easter Basket, a plastic insert that fits your basket (I purchased at Lowes for 57cents), potting soil (also purchased at Lowes for $3.97), grass seed (we already had this in the basement), a measuring cup, and a spray bottle (I forgot to take a picture of that!).

Have your little one measure out the dirt to fill the container 3/4 full.

Completely cover the top of the dirt with grass seed and the push into the dirt about 1/2 an inch.

Lightly mist the grass seed just to get it wet then place in a window to watch it grow! I’ll keep you updated with our grass growth as we approach Easter.  The point is to have the grass grow to the top of the basket, so let it grow as tall as you can, then trim it to fit the basket.

This idea was found at the blog How Does She? and there seem to be some fantastic ideas for crafts, cooking, fashion, etc there.

We tried to do the thumb print shamrocks next but that was a disaster so we’re just going to skip it and pretend it never happened.  We did make St. Patrick’s Day cards for the grandparents with some holiday stamps that I have.  LittleM decided to decorate both the front and back of the card with the stamps.  Inside we put a greeting of “Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day”.  I hope they get a kick out of them.

The last craft that we worked on, and weren’t able to finish yet because the paint didn’t dry, was making a shamrock from a toilet paper roll. What you need is one toilet paper roll, green paint, a container for the paint (I save yogurt and jello containers for this purpose because they are small and I can just throw them away when we’re through), a paintbrush, scissors, and glue. (You don’t see the white paper under the scissors and paintbrush.  That is the disastrous thumbprints that never happened.)

Start by cutting one paper roll into 6 equal strips.

And I can count, I know that there are five in the picture.  The 6th piece I cut in half for the stem.

Now it’s time to let the kiddos go crazy painting the inside and outside green of each piece.  I don’t really have any pictures of the painting because I was trying to keep LittleM from painting herself more than the cardboard. When it everything is completely dry (which ours is not yet), you’re going to push the tops down to the bottoms to create a heart shape and glue the pieces together.  Please use your imagination to make this into a shamrock.

The 5th cardboard round is going to be glued to the back to create a stand so that you can put this on the counter or table.

I found this great idea at the Family Corner. This has 10 different crafts to do with the kids for St. Patty’s Day, including the thumbprint art.  Maybe your kid will be happier to try it.  Let us never speak of this again.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend too and can take some of these ideas for your own crafty afternoon.


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Ideas for the Weekend

Here are just a few of the fun things happening this weekend in northern Delaware.

Saturday, March 10

1. Wilmington’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade at12 p.m.The parade begins at Fourth and King streets and runs north on King to St. Patrick’s Church on 15th St.

2. Brandywine Zoo is having a free Spring Event from 10am-3:30pm.  This is going to include live entertainment, games, and crafts.

3. Or you can head to the Philadelphia Zoo to meet the Lorax between 10am and 2 pm on the hour.  There will also be readings of the story, but you do have to pay regular admission unless you are a member.

4. Kirkwood Library has a program at 2:30pm titled “Under the Skirt: Tour of the Civil War” to celebrate Women’s History Month and the labors women had to go through just to get dressed during this time period.  The New Castle County Libraries have amazing programs going on all the time.  Make sure to check the Happenings Guide to see what’s coming up and when.  Some programs require registration so double check the information before going.  I know the Hockessin Library has a Sid the Kid program on March 23rd (a Friday) at 10:15 that they are registering for now.  Sadly, LittleM and I can’t go because I have work.  But it sure sounds cool.

5. Tshirt Tote Bage Make-it Take-it at Michaels craft store by the Christiana Mall (ages 3 and up). From 1pm-3pm.  You must purchase a Tshirt at the store for the craft.

Sunday, March 11

I couldn’t really find a lot going on Sunday but we’re going to be crafting for St. Patrick’s Day decorations in the house.  You can use one of the toilet paper tubes for one of the crafts, and then we’ll be making thumb print shamrocks (so get out your green ink pad).  I’ll post pictures and directions on Sunday after we complete the crafts.

I hope you have an adventurous weekend!

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