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Easy (er) cleanup

With kids, cleanup is never easy. However, I have found that you can make life a little easier for yourself and your counters with one step. Press’n Seal.

Whenever Tiny Destroyer wants to paint, I always start by pressing down a layer of Press’n Seal. It helps keep the paint from soaking through to the counter and when she’s done, I can just pull it up and throw it away.

There’s always going to be a mess to clean up. (See that pink paintbrush? Yep, that’s getting water color all over my clean counter.) But, it makes it just a little easier to pull up, throw away, and have less mess to wipe clean!

Happy Painting!

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Summer Jars Finally Completed!

We finally finished making the summer jars!  Now we just have to complete all the fun activities that are in them during the summer! Look back at earlier post for the explanation of activities I put on the popsicle sticks and the inspiration for the craft here.

Here are a few pictures with explanation of how we created ours. We started with jumbo sized popsicle craft sticks that you can find at any craft store.  My husband was able to convince her to paint only the front of the sticks, as you can see here.

I save LittleM’s yogurt and fruit cup containers for paint activities.  We are not allowed recycle those containers here so I keep them to use for paint containers and then throw them out. Once the front of the sticks were dry, we were able to put the activities on them. I have plain white Avery address labels that I was able to type everything in their easy template, print them  out, and then it was the second part of the activity for LittleM.  Avery has a great thing with the labels where you fold the paper so the labels pop up making them easy peel.  I love it!  It made it so easy for LittleM to get the labels off the paper and onto the sticks.

We finished those 2 steps AWHILE ago.  Then the poopy hit the fan with family issues and my husband losing his job so we ended up going on a road trip.  These got put the the side but we finally got to it.

What I finished up by myself was the jars for the sticks.

I used 2 mason jars, paper, scissors, ribbon, a glue gun, permanent marker, and 2 very small metal frames I had for scrapbooking.

I cut a piece of ribbon that fit once around my mason jar.  Using my glue gun I put one piece of glue in the middle to stick to the back of the jar, then glued the two ends at the front of the jar.  I was so tired when I was making this that I totally forgot to take any pictures of any other steps.  Sorry.  The reason that I glued it on the front is because I put the labels for the jars on the front so the seam is easily hidden.

Here is the finished product.  I used the paper to write the 2 labels “To Do” and “Done”, glued those to the frames, then glued the frames to the jars.  Obviously they do not lay flat on the jars but I kinda like it that way.

Here is the finished product from the side. You can easily see our One Side Painted popsicle sticks in the jars! They are are an easy height for LittleM to reach when we get the “I’m Bored!” comment soon to come up. I’m also hoping to use these to help LittleM with her reading, having her help me read each stick and work on letter sounds. Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy crafting!

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Crafty Sunday

We had a fantastic weekend.  I hope you all did too. We’re planning on taking LittleM on her first camping adventure next weekend so most of our time was going through everything that we have and figuring out what still needs to be purchased. Sunday afternoon was spent crafting together with ideas found on other blogs.  I will give our pictures and then the link to where I found the ideas which have much more professional pictures that mine!

Planning ahead for Easter, I found a fantastic idea to grow actual grass in a container to put in the Easter Basket instead of using the plastic grass.  I love it!  It also gives us an opportunity to watch nature at work in the comfort of our own home!  So, I’m going to be strong, fight the black thumb that I have, and grow some grass with LittleM!

Here’s everything that you need.  Your Easter Basket, a plastic insert that fits your basket (I purchased at Lowes for 57cents), potting soil (also purchased at Lowes for $3.97), grass seed (we already had this in the basement), a measuring cup, and a spray bottle (I forgot to take a picture of that!).

Have your little one measure out the dirt to fill the container 3/4 full.

Completely cover the top of the dirt with grass seed and the push into the dirt about 1/2 an inch.

Lightly mist the grass seed just to get it wet then place in a window to watch it grow! I’ll keep you updated with our grass growth as we approach Easter.  The point is to have the grass grow to the top of the basket, so let it grow as tall as you can, then trim it to fit the basket.

This idea was found at the blog How Does She? and there seem to be some fantastic ideas for crafts, cooking, fashion, etc there.

We tried to do the thumb print shamrocks next but that was a disaster so we’re just going to skip it and pretend it never happened.  We did make St. Patrick’s Day cards for the grandparents with some holiday stamps that I have.  LittleM decided to decorate both the front and back of the card with the stamps.  Inside we put a greeting of “Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day”.  I hope they get a kick out of them.

The last craft that we worked on, and weren’t able to finish yet because the paint didn’t dry, was making a shamrock from a toilet paper roll. What you need is one toilet paper roll, green paint, a container for the paint (I save yogurt and jello containers for this purpose because they are small and I can just throw them away when we’re through), a paintbrush, scissors, and glue. (You don’t see the white paper under the scissors and paintbrush.  That is the disastrous thumbprints that never happened.)

Start by cutting one paper roll into 6 equal strips.

And I can count, I know that there are five in the picture.  The 6th piece I cut in half for the stem.

Now it’s time to let the kiddos go crazy painting the inside and outside green of each piece.  I don’t really have any pictures of the painting because I was trying to keep LittleM from painting herself more than the cardboard. When it everything is completely dry (which ours is not yet), you’re going to push the tops down to the bottoms to create a heart shape and glue the pieces together.  Please use your imagination to make this into a shamrock.

The 5th cardboard round is going to be glued to the back to create a stand so that you can put this on the counter or table.

I found this great idea at the Family Corner. This has 10 different crafts to do with the kids for St. Patty’s Day, including the thumbprint art.  Maybe your kid will be happier to try it.  Let us never speak of this again.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend too and can take some of these ideas for your own crafty afternoon.


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